Finally got around to publishing the Consangunity page of my database that lists relationships in order of consanguinity ie how closely couples were related.

One Uncle Niece relationship (25%): Ernest I Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1784-1844 and Marie Württemberg 1799-1860. Surpringly late in date.

There are two half-uncle niece relationships further down the list:

John 3rd Baron Darcy Aston 1602- and Isabel Wray -1623

Christian August Oldenburg I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1696-1754 and Frederikke Louise Unknown.

Albert Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1819-1861 and Victoria I Queen United Kingdom 1819-1901 are near the top of the list with a consangunity of 12.89% being first cousins and third cousins once removed.

King George I also married his first cousin Sophia Dorothea Hanover 1666-1726.

George, Duke of Clarence, and his younger brother King Richard III also listed since the Neville sisters, Isabel and Anne, daughters of Warwick the Kingmaker were their 1st cousins once removed, 2nd cousins once removed and third cousins.


The 191 Great Great Grandchildren of Edward III



Looking at the number of great great grand children of some key people in history …

Charles “Charlemagne aka Great” has 23 great great grand children.

William “Conqueror” has 53.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

The illustrious Eleanor of Aquitaine has some 133 great great grand children. Her descendants include:

  • Richard “Lionheart” I King England,
  • Eleanor Plantagenet Queen Castile,
  • Berengaria I Queen Castile,
  • Ferdinand III King Castile, III King Leon,
  • Sancho “Pious” II King Portugal,
  • Alfonso III King Portugal,
  • Blanche Ivrea Queen Consort France,
  • Louis IX King France,
  • Charles King Sicily, Henry I King Castile,
  • Joan Plantagenet Queen Consort Sicily,
  • John “Lackland” I King England,
  • Margaret Dunkeld Queen Consort Norway.

Edward III and his Descendants

Edward III King England has more, 191 great great grand children. His descendants, as we know, from Who Do You Think You Are, include Danny Dyer, as well as most people in Europe, if not now, then in a generation or two.

His son, John of Gaunt 1st Duke of Lancaster, is even more prodigious, having 214 great great grand children; the most I’ve found so far. His descendants include:

  • Edward “The Philospher” I King Portugal,
  • John II King Portugal,
  • Manuel I King Portugal,
  • John II King Castile,
  • Joanna Queen Castile,
  • Catherine of Aragon Trastámara of Aragon Queen Consort England,
  • Henry VII King England and Ireland,
  • James II King Scotland,
  • Edward IV King England,
  • Richard III King England.

As the son of Edward III King England all of John of Gaunt’s descendants are also Edward’s.

Ralph Neville, 1st Earl Westmoreland

Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland is a close second having 211 great great grand-children mainly as a result of his having twenty two children with his two wives: Margaret Stafford and Joan Beaufort. His descendants include:

  • Edward IV King England,
  • Margaret Tudor Queen Consort Scotland,
  • Henry VIII King England and Ireland,
  • Mary Tudor Queen Consort France, Richard III King England.

Later Kings and Queens of England

The later Kings and Queens of England are less prodigious:

Henry VII King Engand has 28 great great grand children.

James VI of Scotland and I of England has a meagre 35 great great grand children.

George II King England has 22 and Queen Victoria has 65 (despite having 87 great grand-children; I’ll check).


So in terms of the most great great grand children John of Gaunt 1st Duke of Lancaster is the clear ‘winner’ with Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland coming a close second.

Interesting to note John of Gaunt was the son of Edward III and Ralph’s second wife Joan Beaufort the daughter of John of Gaunt. A case of good genes perhaps?