William Gascoigne, 1452-1487, All Saints, Harewood

Another of the six chest tombs from All Saints, Harewood, another William Gascoigne, 1452-1487, with his wife Margaret Percy, daughter of Henry, 3rd Earl of Northumberland.

They, William and Margaret, half second cousins once removed.

William a 4 x Great Grandson of Edward III through his mother Joan Neville, great granddaughter of Ralph, 1st Earl Westmoreland, and his second wife Joan Beaufort, grand daughter of Edward III.

William and Margaret had twelve children, three sons, nine daughters.

A alabaster chest tomb with a fine array of weepers, possibly their children although too many, women one side, nine men the other, one of which appears with angels wings, possible children and spouses.

He wearing a variation of the Lancastrian Esses collar being SOSOS. Clean shaved, no bascinet, his head resting on a helm with bulls head creat. His armour plate over which there appears to be, unusually for the period, a tabard. The left hand side of his face appears disfigured. Possibly a war wound.

She wearing the widow’s barbe.

Note. Gardner describes this monument as being to Sir John Nevill of Womersley, died 1482.

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William Gascoigne 1465, Harewood

One of six chest tombs at All Saints Church, Harewood, formerly known as Gawthorpe Hall.

William Gascoigne and his wife Margaret Clarell.

His armour of Period IV: Wars of the Roses. Fluted plate armour with fine detail of the ribbons that held pauldrons and coudes in place. Yorkist collar of suns and roses. His bare head, with finely detailed hair, and no facial hair, rests on an unusual helm which appears to be the face of a lady, with an orle. Below the waist faulds and tasses under which mail may be seen.

She, on his right, with a widows pleated barbe (from the French for beard) drawn up to her chin. At the finely carved end of her dress two dogs, one pulling at the folds.

Both rest on a chest tomb with finely detailed weepers on each side.

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