St James’ Church, Warter, East Riding, Yorkshire

St James’ Church, now the Yorkshire Wolds Visitor Centre, contains three very fine sculptures by George Frampton as well as stained glass by Robert Anning Bell and a couple of bronzes in the church yard by Gilbert Bayes.

Monument to Charles Henry Wilson, 1st Baron Nunburnholme 1833-1907

Sculpted by George Frampton.

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-142452

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-142626-Edit

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-142712-Edit

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-142900-Edit

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-145007-Edit

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-143049-Edit

Monument to Gerald Valerian Wilson 1885-1908

Sculpted by George Frampton.

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-143211

Monument to Lady Isabel Wilson 1879-1905

Sculpted by George Frampton.

Lady Isabel Wilson, daughter of 7th Duke of Roxburghe and wife of Guy Greville Wilson.

She died in childbirth aged 26.

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-143801

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-143913

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-144047

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-150034

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-150546

Stained Glass

Formerly installed in the Wilson Chapel that was demolished in 1974.

One depicts Lady Isabel being carried to heaven by six angels watched by her husband.

The other window depicts the personifications of Lady Isabel’s virtues – Courage, Hope and “Love to the Death” – surrounded by child-angel musicians.

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-151200

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-151229

Tewkesbury Abbey

Tewkesbury located at the confluence of the River Avon that flows from Warwick past Straford, Evesham and Pershore, and the River Severn.

An important location controlling access to Worcester, Ludlow via the Teme that joins the Severn at Worcester, Stourport, Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury and Welshpool.

Tewkesbury Abbey has one of the finest collections of funerary monuments outside of Westminster Abbey, St Pauls and St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Chantry of Edward 1st Baron Despencer 1335-1375

Edward Despenser, 1st Baron Despencer, a great great grandson of Edward Longshanks I King England 1239-1307 (his grandfather Hugh Younger Despencer 1286-1326 married Eleanor Clare 1292-, whose mother was Joan of Acre Plantagenet 1272-1307 daughter of Edward I.)

He fought at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356 subsequently being elected Knight of the Garter and created Baron in 1357.

Beautifully carved tomb in the Early English Perpendicular Style with a kneeling knight facing the alter on top.

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-131435-Edit

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-131712

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-140340

Gate to Vault containing George York 1st Duke Clarence 1449-1478 and Isabel Neville 1st Duchess Clarence 1451-1476

George the younger brother of Edward IV King England 1442-1483 and older brother of Richard III King England 1452-1485.

Tried for treason he was executed, apparently, by being drowned in a butt of Malmsey (Madeira) wine.

Isabel, daughter of Richard Kingmaker Neville 16th Earl Warwick 6th Earl Salisbury 1428-1471, died during childbirth.

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-132440

(Probably) Tomb of Hugh Younger Despencer 1286-1326

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-140530

Monument to Archdeacon Hemming

Sculpted by Percy Bryant Baker in 1915.

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-132204

Cadaver Cenotaph to Abbot Wakeman

Unusual for the detail of worms and mice.

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-133138

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-133153

Brass floor marker of the grave of Edward of Westminster

Edward the son of Henry VI King England, II King France.He was killed, aged 17, at the Battle of Tewkesbury; the last Lancastrian in the male line.

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-140149


Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-131737

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-130413-Edit

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-130612

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-133717

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-133815

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-135432

Tewkesbury Abbey 20180817-135954

Westmacott Sculpture, Sherborne, Gloucestershire

Visited Sherborne Church, Gloucestershire, a couple of weekends ago whilst touring around North Gloucestershire, chasing the River Avon that runs through Warwick, Stratford, Evesham and Pershore, joining the Severn at Tewkesbury.

Sherborne the home of the Baron’s Sherborne; Sherborne House adjacent.

A remarkable collection of sculpture including the monument by Richard Westmacott the Elder, or Senior, 1747-1808, to James Lenox Dutton and his wife Jane Bond.

Sherbourne Gloucestershire 20180818-113529-Edit

Sherbourne Gloucestershire 20180818-114237-Edit

Monument to John Dutton by John Michael Rysbrack, 1694-1770.

Sherbourne Gloucestershire 20180818-114502-Edit

St Mary’s Church, Rostherne, Tatton, Cheshire

Rostherne Church near Tatton Hall, Cheshire.

A remarkable monument to Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton by Richard Westmacott (1775-1856).

Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton drowned 10 November 1845, the day before her wedding, aged 21, in the Rostherne Mere; the church is overlooks the mere. Unknown whether accident or deliberate; suicide.

A very fine sculpture.

There are three sculptors named Richard Westmacott: grandfather, father and son. This is the work of the middle, perhaps best known, Richard Westmacott.

The church full of other monuments including two more Westmacott’s; the son rather than the father or grandfather.


Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-130547-Edit

Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-131059-Edit

Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-131218-Edit

Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-131351-Edit

Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-131422-Edit

Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-131551

Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-131726

Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-131903

Rostherne Church Tatton Cheshire 20180729-132215


Monument to Ralph Fitzherbert, Norbury Church

Monument to Ralph Fitzherbert and his wife Elizabeth Marshall at the Church of St Mary and St Bartok, Derbyshire.

Finely made in Chellaston alabaster of the fifth or early Tudor period

His effigy notable for being the only remaining with the boar of Richard III on his Yorkist suns collar. Bobbed hair with finely detailed ringlets. No facial hair. Head resting on a mantled tournament helm with right handed clenched fist crest; Fitzherbert. Feet resting on a lion with a beadsman beneath the right foot.

She wearing the butterfly headdress with a tight collar with an ‘agnes dei’ (lamb of God) pendant.

The chest finely made with weepers on the three extant sides. On one side five single men (a knight, a monk, two merchants and one unknown), and one couple. On the other side women, four single, two duos.

Ralph and Elizabeth had twelve children, six male, six female so probable the weepers represent their children, possibly with spouses, possibly with offspring since in the two females duos there is a noticeable difference in height.

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110023

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110102

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110733

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110611

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110541

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110352

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110315

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110257

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110236

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110217

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110203

Ralph Fitzherbert Norbury Church 20180603-110150

Monument to Robert Charles John Manners, Chapel, Haddon Hall

A very fine sculpture of the boy Robert Charles John Manners, 1886-1895, first son of Henry 8th Duke Rutland and his wife Violet Lindsay, who died aged nine of an acute stomach condition.

Violet Lindsay spend thirty years sculpting the base of the monument, possibly also the effigy too although it is so fine as to probably be the work of a professional such as Alfred Gilbert (who was summoned to take the death mask), possibly George Frampton whose monument to Lady Isabel Wilson in St James Church, Warter is of a similar quality.

Haddon Hall Chapel 20180601-152222-2

Haddon Hall Chapel 20180601-152459-2

The arms on the base of the monument represent the Manners and Lindsay descent.

The Manners arms originally Or, two bars azure, meaning Gold (Yellow) background with two blue (azure) horizontal bars.

Henry VIII allowed the augmentation of the arms with the arms of England in chief (meaning at the top) reflecting the descent from Edward III as a result of George Manners, 11th Baron Ros Helmsley, having married Anne St Leger whose mother was Anne of York (elder sister of Edward IV and Richard III) whose father was Richard 3rd Duke York whose father was Richard of Conisburgh, 1st Earl Cambridge, whose father was Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, whose was the son of Edward III.

Other arms include:

Ros. Robert Manners married Eleanor Ros, heiress of Thomas Ros, 9th Baron Ros Helmsley.

Neville. Henry Manners, 2nd Earl Rutland, married Margaret Neville, daughter of Ralph Neville, 4th Earl Westmoreland.

Charlton. John Manners, 4th Earl Rutland, married Elizabeth Charlton.

Carey. George Manners, 7th Earl Rutland, married Frances Carey.

Montagu. John Manners, 8th Earl Rutland, married Frances Montagu.

Haddon Hall Chapel 20180601-152533

Photos less than ideal since I wasn’t carrying my usual camera; these taken with a phone.





St Mary’s, Staindrop, County Durham

It was a visit to St Mary’s Church, Staindrop, County Durham, that sparked my passion for photographing church monuments combining history and sculpture.

Staindrop contains the tomb of Ralph, 1st Earl Westmoreland, and his two wives: Margaret Stafford and Joan Beaufort.

What I hadn’t known before my visit is that it also contained the tomb of William Harry Vane, 1st Duke Cleveland,  sculpted by Richard Westmacott; one of his finest works.

Tomb of William Harry Vane, 1st Duke Cleveland

William Harry Vane, 1746-182, a great great grandson of King Charles II. William Harry’s paternal grandfather Henry Vane, 1705-1758, married Grace Stewart, the daughter of Charles Stewart, 1st Duke Southampton, the illegitimate son of King Charles II and Barbara Villiers, 1st Duchess Cleveland, 1640-1709.

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161219-103047-Edit

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161218-135426
Effigy of William Harry Vane, 1st Duke Cleveland, 1766-1842, at St Mary’s Church, Staindrop, County, Durham. Sculpted by Richard Westmacott.

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161218-135702

The arms of William Harry Vane being Vane: three gauntlets sinister (left) indicating either illegitimacy or attainder, and Charles, Duke of Grafton, illegitimate son of King Charles II England differenced by a baton sinister to indicate illegitimacy.

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161218-135734

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161218-135757

Ralph Neville, 1st Earl Westmoreland

Ralph Neville, 1st Earl Westmoreland, 1364-1425, the progenitor of the Neville family as a result of his having 22 children, 73 grandchildren, 153 great grandchildren and 211 great great grandchildren. A number only exceeded by John of Gaunt.

Ralph’s first wife Margaret Stafford, 1364-1396, was his second cousin once removed and his fourth cousin. They had eight children together.

After Margaret’s death in 1396 he married Joan Beaufort, 1379-1440, granddaughter of Edward III. She and Ralph had fourteen children together.

Given the number of descendants it is not surprising that some were Lancastrians and some Yorkist during the Wars of the Roses:

John, Baron Neville, 1410-1461. Lancastrian. Killed at Battle of Towton.

Humphrey of Brancepeth, c 1439-1469. Lancastrian. Beheaded.

Charles -1449 brother of Humphrey). Lancastrian. Beheaded.

Ralph Dacre, 1st Baron Gilsland, 1412-1461. Lancastrian. Killed at Battle of Towton.

John “Butcher” Clifford, 9th Baron Clifford, 1435-1461. Lancastrian. Killed at Battle of Dintingdale.

Roger Clifford, 1447-1485. Beheaded.

Richard Neville, 5th Earl Salisbury, 1400-1460. Yorkist. Beheaded after Battle of Wakefield.

Richard “Kingmaker Neville, Earl Warwick and Salisbury, 1428-1471. Yorkist and Lancastrian. Killed Battle of Barnet.

His descendants also include King Edward IV, King Richard III, King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queens Mary and Elizabeth, and all of the English and British monarchs since James I King England.

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161218-140306

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161218-140613

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161218-140656

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161219-102341

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161219-102759

Memorial to Sophia Poulett

Sophia being the wife of William Harry’s son Henry, 2nd Duke Cleveland.

Staindrop Staindrop_Church_20161219-103252