St James’ Church, Warter, East Riding, Yorkshire

St James’ Church, now the Yorkshire Wolds Visitor Centre, contains three very fine sculptures by George Frampton as well as stained glass by Robert Anning Bell and a couple of bronzes in the church yard by Gilbert Bayes.

Monument to Charles Henry Wilson, 1st Baron Nunburnholme 1833-1907

Sculpted by George Frampton.

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-142452

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-142626-Edit

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-142712-Edit

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-142900-Edit

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-145007-Edit

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-143049-Edit

Monument to Gerald Valerian Wilson 1885-1908

Sculpted by George Frampton.

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-143211

Monument to Lady Isabel Wilson 1879-1905

Sculpted by George Frampton.

Lady Isabel Wilson, daughter of 7th Duke of Roxburghe and wife of Guy Greville Wilson.

She died in childbirth aged 26.

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-143801

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-143913

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-144047

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-150034

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-150546

Stained Glass

Formerly installed in the Wilson Chapel that was demolished in 1974.

One depicts Lady Isabel being carried to heaven by six angels watched by her husband.

The other window depicts the personifications of Lady Isabel’s virtues – Courage, Hope and “Love to the Death” – surrounded by child-angel musicians.

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-151200

Warter Church Frampton 20180901-151229

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