Edward Redman, 1510, All Saints, Harewood

Another of the six fine chest tombs at All Saints, Harewood.

Edward Redman, died 1510, and his wife Elizabeth Huddlestone.

He originally a supporter of York, in particular Richard III. He was subject to the general pardon issued by Henry VII after the Battle of Bosworth.

Edward and Elizabeth had four children only one of whom, Henry, had a child: Joan who married Marmaduke Gascoigne, son of William Gascoigne.

He wearing armour of Period V: Early Tudor. Simpler, reduced fluting. The pauldrons formed from one smooth plate with a bold projection to protect the neck, typically larger on the left. A Tudor collar of Esses and Roses combining the SS of Lancaster and the White Rose of York following the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Shaved, hair “bobbed”, longer than in Period IV, comes down to the shoulder. Head resting on a helm with mantling and a fine crest of what appears to be a dogs head.

She wearing a simple  headdress with veil falling low on the shoulders.

Harewood Edward Redman 1510 20180421-124310

Harewood Edward Redman 1510 20180421-124324

Harewood Edward Redman 1510 20180421-124505

Harewood Edward Redman 1510 20180421-124518

Harewood Edward Redman 1510 20180421-124544

Harewood Edward Redman 1510 20180421-124558



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