Yoxall Church, Staffordshire

Popped into Yoxall Church on the way back from a trip to Lichfield.

A fine monument to Humphrey Welles and his wife Mary Chetwynd. Elizabethan.

Yoxall Church IMG_0392

Yoxall Church IMG_0393

Yoxall Church IMG_0396


A very fine monument to Admiral Henry Meynell (1865) by Carlo Marochetti.

Yoxall Church IMG_0398

Yoxall Church IMG_0401

Yoxall Church IMG_0404


Memorial to James Thompson VC:

For gallant conduct in saving the life of his captain (Captain Wilton), on the 9th of July, 1857, by dashing forward to his relief, when that officer was surrounded by a party of Ghazees, who made a sudden rush on him, from a serai – and killing two of them before further assistance could reach. Also recommended for conspicuous conduct throughout the siege.[2]

Yoxall Church IMG_0405

Yoxall Church IMG_0406


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