Henry V and Warwick the Kingmaker have the same mt-DNA

A surprising fact emerged from my development of Maternal Families Trees (families descended through the female line, those that share mt-DNA which is passed on only by females): Henry V King of England and Richard “Kingmaker” Neville, 16th Duke of Warwick, 16th Earl of Salisbury are both maternally descended from the same woman, Aoife (Eva) Ní Diarmait, Princess of Leinster.

Aoife (Eva) Ní Diarmait, was the daughter of the Dermot MacMurrough, the King of Leinster, who married 29 Aug 1170 Richard “Strongbow” Clare 2nd Earl Pembroke, 1st Earl Buckingham in return for Strongbow assisting Dermot to reclaim the Kingdom of Leinster having been deposed from it by the High King of Ireland Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair as a result of Dermot having abducted Derbforgaill, the wife of the King of Breifne, Tiernan O’Rourke.

Aoife and Richard had two children, a boy and a girl, Gilbert and Isabel. Gilbert died aged nine. Isabel married the great William Marshall, 1st Earl Pembroke, adding her inheritance to his prestige.

William and Isabel’s had ten children of which five were female of which four had issue:

1 Maud Marshall married three times:

William Plantagenet 5th Earl Surrey; two children

Hugh Bigod 3rd Earl Norfolk; four children

Walter Dunstanville; no issue.

Only one of Maud’s two daughters had issue; Isabel Bigod who married firstly Gilbert Lacy with whom she had three children, and secondly John Fitzpeter with whom she had six children including five females. Isabel Bigod’s maternal descendants include:

Hugh “The Younger” Despenser, favourite of Edward II, who was hung, drawn and quartered on the orders of Isabella Queen Consort of England, and

Philippa of Clarence, daughter of Lionel of Antwerp

Henry V King of England

Richard “Kingmaker” Neville, 16th Duke of Warwick, 16th Earl of Salisbury

John “Butcher of England” Tiptoft, 1st Earl Worcester, Edward IV’s ‘henchman. who responsible for the trial and execution, in some cases brutally, of his Lancastrian enemies.

2 Isabel Marshall married twice:

Richard Plantagenet 1st Earl Cornwall; four children

Gilbert Clare 4th Earl Hertford, 5th Earl Gloucester; four children.

3 Sybil Marshall married once to William Ferrers 5th Earl Derby with who she had seven children.

4 Eva Marshall married once to William Braose with whom she had four children.


Aoife’s maternal family tree has 16 generations and includes 350 people including Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Denmark, Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland, Henry II King France, James II King Scotland.


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