St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Penelope’s Tomb

Sculpted by Thomas Banks in 1791. The sculpture moved Queen Charlotte to tears when exhibited at the Royal Academy before being delivered to Ashbourne.

Penelope, the only child of Sir Brooke and Lady Boothby, died aged five. So affected by her death was her father he left both his wife and Ashbourne, travelled to the continent, eventually dying in poverty in Boulogne.

St Oswalds Ashbourne 20180107-142104

St Oswalds Ashbourne 20180107-142231

St Oswalds Ashbourne 20180107-142308

St Oswalds Ashbourne IMG_0304


Memorial to Thomas Cockayne and his wife Dorothy Ferrers
St Oswalds Ashbourne 20180107-142557


Memorial of George Errington

Sculpted by Richard Westmacott


St Oswalds Ashbourne 20180107-142829-2

Cockayne Family Memorials

St Oswald’s Ashbourne has a number of memorials to the Cockayne family including Edmund Cockayne and his first wife Margaret Longford, his son John Cockayne.

St Oswalds Ashbourne IMG_0290

St Oswalds Ashbourne IMG_0292

Tomb of John Cockayne and his first wife Margaret Longford. Note the Lancastrian livery collar of esses believed to stand for “”Souvenir Soverayne””, the motto of Henry VI, although not proven. The esses collar was indicated support for the House of Lancaster.

Note also the helm on which the head rests is missing its cockerell’s head.

St Oswalds Ashbourne IMG_0295

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