Tudor Teenage Male Deaths

The Tudor dynasty was marred by what appears to be an unusually high number of deaths of sons in their teenage years, often of the sweating sickness that Wikidedia describes as “a mysterious and highly contagious disease that struck England, and later continental Europe, in a series of epidemics beginning in 1485. The last outbreak occurred in 1551, after which the disease apparently vanished”.

Arthur Tudor

The most prominent death was of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, eldest son of Henry VII King England who succumbed to sweating sickness (probably; my have been tuberculosis) aged 15 in Ludlow soon after his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

Henry Fitzroy

Secondly, Henry VIII King England‘s illegitimate son Henry Fitzroy, Duke Cornwall, who died aged 17 and was buried in Framlingham Church, Suffolk although believed to be of tuberculosis rather than sweating sickness.

King Edward VI England

Henry VIII King England‘s son Edward VI King England who died aged sixteen after reigning for five and a half years. Possibly tuberculosis.

Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales

Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, eldest son of James VI King Scotland, I King England, Great Great Great Grandson of Henry VII, died aged 18, believed to be of typhoid. His younger brother Charles becoming Charles I King England.

Henry Brandon

Henry Brandon, son of Mary Tudor, grandson Henry VII, died aged 11 of the sweating sickness.

Henry and Charles Brandon

Henry Brandon’s two brothers, although not Tudor, Henry Brandon, 2nd Duke Suffolk and Charles Brandon, 3rd Duke Suffolk, also succumbed to the sweating sickness aged 16 and 14 respectively.

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