Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire

William “The Younger” Valence

Dorchester Abbey in Oxfordshire worth visiting both for the architecture and the two gisants: William “The Younger” Valence and Hugh Segrave (probably).

William “The Younger” Valence was the half-nephew of Henry of Winchester III King England. Henry’s mother Isabella Angouleme, Queen Consort England, wife of John “Lackland” I King England, was also the mother of William Valence’s father, also, William, 1st Earl of Pembroke.


William “The Younger” Valence


William was killed at the Battle of Llandeilo Fawr returning after being ambushed by the Welsh after having taken Carreg Cennen Castle.

A very fine gisant, c 1282, notable for the finely detailed chain mail, the crossed legs, possible signifying a crusader, and the hand holding the sword. Some of the original colouring remains.

The other gisant, less fine, c 1387, is believed to be Hugh 2nd Baron Segrave


Dorchester Abbey Oxfordshire 20170928131249
Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire


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