Ottery St Mary Church, Devon

Frederick Archibald Gray

A memorial to Frederick Archibald Gray, doctor, who died having deliberately infected himself with septicemia in the pursuit of inoculation.

Colyton Church Devon IMG_0148
Frederick Archibald Gray

William Hart Coleridge

A memorial to William Hart Coleridge, the first Bishop of Barbados, nephew of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge who was born at Ottery St Mary.

Colyton Church Devon_IMG_0149
William Hart Coleridge


Jane Fortescue Seymour, Baroness Coleridge

There is a particularly fine monument to Jane Fortescue Seymour, Baroness Coleridge, died 1878, wife of John Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge, great-nephew of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Colyton Church Devon 20170923-111834

Colyton Church Devon 20170923-112012


Architecturally, inside and out, the church is very fine, reflecting its age and location.

Colyton Church Devon 20170923-111241

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