Robert 2nd Baron Hungerford, Salisbury Cathedral

Of the three Hungerford generations that include Walter 1st Baron, Robert 2nd Baron and Robert 3rd Baron, Robert 2nd Baron appears to have had a relatively quiet life.

Link to Hungerford Family Tree

His father, Walter 1st Baron, KG, was Speaker of the House of Commons in 29 Jan 1414. Fought during the Hundred Years War including Agincourt in Oct 1415 and the Siege of Rouen in 1418. Thereafter he became Steward of the King’s Household and was held in sufficiently high regard to be appointed executor of Henry V’s will. At Henry VI’s coronation in Paris he was given the honour of being Carver of the King’s food.

Photos of Salisbury Cathedral

Robert 2nd Baron Hungerford’s son Robert 3rd Baron took part in the last stages of  the Hundred Years War being captured and subsequently ransomed at the Battle of Castillon where John ‘Old Talbot’ was killed to the dismay of both the French and English. As a keen Lancastrian he supported Henry VI during the Wars of the Roses surviving Towton only to be captured at the Battle of Hexham and subsequently beheaded at Newcastle.

All three were buried at the no longer extant Hungerford Chapel at Salisbury Cathedral with Robert, 3rd Baron Hungerford’s, monument being moved to the nave.

Robert’s great grand daughter Mary married Edward 2nd Baron Hastings who were the grand parents of Francis 2nd Baron Huntingdon (Hastings Chapel, St Helen’s Church, Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire). Francis 2nd Baron Hungerford is, is therefore, the 3 x Great Grandfather of Francis 2nd Baron Huntingdon.


Robert 2nd Baron Hungerford in the Nave of Salisbury Cathedral




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